For artwork image quality, we recommend:
        Artwork size will be (in pixels): 480 tall x 1,728 wide
        A(n) 36 pixel character will be 1 foot tall.

    Physical size of your sign: 14’tall x 48’wide


  • JPG, BMP or GIF for still image content at 100% quality; Use RGB color, not CMYK.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi is adequate. Because message centers have a fixed pixel spread, DPI is technically irrelevant. Physical size artwork is also a non-factor. Focus on the actual pixel dimensions (height and width) of the artwork

      The first step to creating effective messages with your electronic sign is to keep the wording short and succinct.

  • Avoid spelling out complete sentences. Don’t use eight words when four will do.
  • Stick with shorter, simple words to maximize quick comprehension by motorists.
  • A single message idea will read quicker and more easily than trying to combine multiple offers.


  • Large text will allow motorists to see your message from a greater distance. If your text is too small, it will be too hard to read. Your audience is then likely to  disregard your message entirely. Although capable of much smaller, we recommend a 12” character as a minimum. Three foot text, and larger, would be optimum.


  • Avoid using thin fonts as well as most script fonts. The strokes of each character are simply too thin to maintain legibility over long distances. Use thick, heavy fonts to maximize readability. The bold option is an excellent way to add weight to your wording.


  • High color contrast is a key ingredient. Just like using large text, the right color combination can make your message readable from a much longer distance. Refer to the samples below for many of the best text color vs. background color combinations for electronic sign. 

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Digital Design Specifications