Note: All rates are NET, subject to change and advertising panels and spots are subject to availability. *All rates are based in advertisers providing vinyl and installation. **All rates are based on advertisers providing acceptable scaled, fully formatted, upload ready artwork. **Digital advertising spots may be preempted for public emergency messages such as Amber Alerts or panel maintenance. As of 3-2014

Vinyl Billboards are a very effective method of outdoor advertising. Some of the benefits include an initial one time fee, cost-effective, and the advertisement reaches a large market.

Triple O Outdoors offers an assortment of high profile Vinyl Billboards for your advertising needs. Our billboard sizes range from 10' x 36', to 12' x 40', and even as big as 14' x 48'. Contact us for more information

Vinyl Billboards

Digital billboards are updated electronically, giving our advertisers unparalleled flexibility.  We can get your message up and running the same day in most cases.  In addition, you can change, add or remove messages as you see fit for no extra charge.  You can post and rotate multiple messages each day.  This nimbleness and flexibility will keep your messages current, fresh and relevant.

Our flexibility gives you a cost effective way to advertise multiple products, special promotions, events or shopping seasons such as New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Digital Billboards- For the forward thinking advertisier

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