High Frequency of Exposure

  • Outdoor advertising has one of the highest levels of frequency and reach, making it a very effective method of advertising.

Continuous Message

  • Outdoor advertising is the only type of media that has constant exposure. No other type of advertising allows your message to be displayed 24/7 year around.


  • Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand views than most other methods of advertising. Outdoor Ads cost roughly 80% less than TV Ads, 60% less than newspaper, and around 50% less than radio. Billboards have been rated as having the highest benefit and ability to communicate ideas for the lowest cost.


  • With so many new advances in technology, there is now plenty of room for tons of creative changes. Usually you can have a vinyl print posted within a day and a digital post within an hour. This form of advertising allows you to reach the consumer faster and easier than any other type.

Create top-of-the mind awareness

  • Increasing brand awareness is not an easy task. Outdoor advertising offers an immense amount of daily exposure, increases awareness, and steers your company in the right direction. With such a high level of exposure, outdoor advertising is known for being more valuable than other forms of advertising.


  • Outdoor advertising does not interrupt or intrude on consumers in any way. There's no annoying sounds, videos, or obnoxious attention grabber of any kind. Billboards are noticed because of their messages, bright colors, and creative designs. 

Unlimited Design Possibilities

  • Outdoor advertising allows you to keep your creative integrity and advertise in an affordable way. You can change the panel whenever you want and if its a digital advertisement there are no additional fees.

Impulse Buying

  • Because people enjoy the experience of going out and shopping, most shopping occurs on the way home from work. Consumers tend to spend the day thinking of what they need or want to buy, while passing billboards all the way to the store.

You can't escape it

  • On average Americans spend more time in their vehicles than ever before. It averages at about 15 hours a week, that's a great opportunity to advertise.

Why Outdoor Advertising? Why us?

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